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Openly sustainable, sustainably open

We are a professional class F1 in Schools team dedicated to promoting sustainability and continued innovation through open-source engineering.

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Furley Page

Furley Page is a leading firm of solicitors based in Kent and Medway with offices located in Canterbury, Chatham and Whitstable.

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ABEC357 is a manufacturer / supplier of full ceramic, hybrid ceramic, stainless steel bearings and ceramic balls. Suited for Industrial, Fishing etc.

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Scenic Blue Bulldog

Scenic Blue Bulldog is a scenery company that constructs sets for TV, film, commercials, promos and special commission projects.

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Burgess Hodgeson

Burgess Hodgson LLP is a Kent based accountancy firm with the skills and expertise to rival any other accountancy firm in the UK.

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Club Chemistry

Different electric sounds rangeing from chart to dance, d&b and hip hop on 3 floors of a large club

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Perfection Went Above

I love VFX planning, shooting and post, and am stoked for the opportunity to direct your 2nd Unit as well (yep, I’m DGA).

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We deliver food experiences, craft inspired fragrances and develop beauty and wellbeing solutions that make people look and feel good

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GWM Solar Energy

We design bespoke renewable energy solutions for your home,

Expert installation and maintenance for affordable ways to power your home

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SimScale empowers engineers with: fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetics and multiphysics analyses on the cloud

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The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation (SMF)

The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation (SMF) is a non-profit initiative to find and assist those with neurodivergent minds to realise their potential through the field of engineering.

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World Tide

A friendly and independently run Product Procurement Firm. We offer a service from production all the way to your customer’s door.

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